What I use To Do My Work

MacBook Pro 13"

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This was the most significant investment in my business, but it was well worth it. Before I started, I wanted to be sure to have a fantastic computer to be able to all my work on. And man, gotta love Apple for making this.

Be Focused

This is an app for iPhone, Ipad, and Mac that uses the Pomodoro technique to be a productive machine. I used to say Pomodoro was BS but now I use it every day. The short intervals make me want to produce results to really give myself a sense of fulfillment. You can use whatever Pomodoro timer you want, I happen to use this one.


Evernote is like my second brain. I put everything in here, from my life goals to notes on a podcast to quotes I love. I can't live without it and the best aspect of it, it's FREE. Try it, you'll love it.


In combination with Evernote, I use Wunderlist. In Evernote, I put all my notes on everything, and in Wunderlist I put projects and tasks that need to be done. Tasks of today in my Wunderlist, while I'm writing this, are; designing my own do not disturb sign at home office and fixing a bug in the Yoast SEO plug-in. Sometimes just before I want to sleep, I get all these ideas about things I have to do and immediately put it in my Wunderlist, so I don't forget it. AKA my third brain.

Google Calendar

Last but not least, Google Calendar. This is a critical part of my work as I put every critical task in it. Wunderlist consists of a bunch of random tasks and useful tasks, but I first have to get done the tasks on my calendar. As an entrepreneur, there are always things you can do. It's like a never-ending to-do list. But you have to set priorities, and that's why I use Google Calendar. In my weekly meeting with myself, I determine these high-value activities and plan them in right away.