5 Healthy Foods You Should NEVER Consume Again

Have you ever wondered if something you thought was healthy was really healthy? Do you think your diet consists of healthy foods?

In this time and age, a lot of companies use clever descriptions that suggest the foods they sell are healthy to increase sales. The healthy lifestyle is getting more popular as people become conscious of the size of the problem that we’re not healthy at all.

The companies know that and trick you into eating healthy foods that maybe aren’t that healthy. Labels you may see are:


Avoid These 4 Healthy Foods Labels Marnix Buijs

These labels trick you into thinking that this means those foods are healthy, but no, they’re not.

In this article, you will find five healthy foods you should never consume again and substitutes of real healthy foods.

1. Healthy Foods With A ‘Fat-Free’ Label

There are a lot of healthy foods with a fat-free variation these days; yogurt, peanut butter, fat-free cheese, skim milk, etc.

What a lot of people don’t know, is that these healthy foods aren’t as healthy as you may think.

There are two main reasons why fat-free products aren’t healthy for you; they usually contain added sugars, and they won’t make you feel full.

The problem with added sugars is that:

  • They increase the risk of diabetes type 2, cancer and heart disease
  • Added sugars contain no nutritional value
  • It can cause you to gain a lot of weight unconsciously
  • Sugars can cause tooth decay

These unhealthy consequences in combination with not feeling satisfied after eating those ‘healthy foods’ will create a bad habit of overeating and potentially massive weight gain.

What To Consume Instead

If you always buy fat-free dairy products, buy full-fat dairy products from now on. In a study, they found that consuming full-fat dairy products prevented women from being overweight. Besides that, we need fat in our lives.

Examples of healthy fat sources are:

  • Avocados
  • Walnuts
  • Olive oil (use this instead of butter while baking)
  • Fish like salmon and tuna
  • Full-fat yogurt, peanut butter, cheese, milk, etc.
  • Make sure to include these foods in your diet as well!

2. Fruit Juice

Is fruit juice one of the healthy foods?

You may think that fruit juice is healthy because of all the fruits and all the vitamins they contain.

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, there are a lot of fruits in fruit juice, and yes, there are also a lot of vitamins in it. But, there’s almost as much sugar as in soda in it.

Think about how many oranges you need to make orange juice, probably about four. Can you imagine eating four oranges in the time you drink a glass of orange juice? 

If you buy the juice at the supermarket, the sugar in it won’t be solely from fruit, but there will also be added sugars in it. And, well, you know what the consequences of added sugars are.

What To Drink Instead

If you need sugars after a heavy workout, grab some nutritious fruits and eat those.

The best thing to drink, always, is water (with lemon). Water is all you need for drinking.

Milk can also be a good option, but the problem with too much dairy is:

  • It’s slow digesting sugars which cause belly discomfort.
  • It raises your LDL cholesterol. “High LDL cholesterol levels are associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.”
  • It contains a lot of calories you consume unconsciously.

3. Rice Cakes

These rice cakes are part of a lot of diets of healthy people. But what they don’t know is that these carb bombs skyrocket your blood sugar levels.

This is because they usually consist of white rice which means that they don’t contain a lot of fiber and protein plus they have an inferior nutritional profile. If you check the label, you’ll see there’s a whole lot of nothing.

High blood sugar levels can cause stomach aches, vomiting, and even fainting.

What To Eat Instead

Most people consume rice cakes as a snack so here are a couple of snack suggestions:

  • Vegetables with hummus dip
  • Yogurt with granola
  • A handful of almonds, a bunch of grapes and a wedge of cheese
  • Plant-based protein shake
  • Green apple with almond butter

4. High Fiber Bars

They get all kinds of names, muesli bars, protein bars or snack bars. The problem with these is that they are candy bars in disguise.

Fiber bars are sugar bombs in disguise so not really healthy foods

There are added sugars and fats which add to the taste of these ‘healthy foods.’ While you think you are healthy, you’re not. You’re consuming little sugar bombs instead of a healthy source of fibers.

If you fancy a snack and think you should eat a ‘muesli bar,’ you should follow the guidelines below to make sure you choose the healthy version of a muesli bar.

What To Eat Instead

According to Mashru, you should aim for a ratio of 3:1 if you want to get your fibers in via bars. For example, if a bar contains 5 grams of fiber, it shouldn’t include more than 15 grams of sugar.

Here’s the list made more accessible for you:

  • Calories below 200
  • Fiber 3 grams or above
  • Sugar maximum three times the amount of fiber
  • Protein at least 7 grams or above
  • Sodium less than 60mg

5. Factory Farm Meat

The video ‘Thousand Eyes’ [WARNING: Some may find the footage disturbing] showed us the reality of what some farms look like in this world and thus the meat you’re eating. You may have seen it or not, either way, the moral of the story is that we don’t treat animals with respect.

The only goals for those farms are making as much money as possible with the lowest expenses, not taking into account the animals’ lives.

These animals get injected with all kinds of antibiotics and other stuff that you don’t want to be eating. Then they get slaughtered, and we eat the meat.

“You know the saying, “You are what you eat.” But you’re also what the food you eat eats if that makes sense.”

Besides that, if they live in very crowded spaces like most do, they experience a lot of stress which will affect the taste.

It could be the case that you weren’t aware of this phenomenon at all, but now you know. Make a conscious choice of what you eat.

What To Eat Instead

First of all, you don’t need to eat meat at all. There are more and more people who become vegan or vegetarian for the reasons stated above.

Instead of meat, you could eat:

  • Tofu
  • Tempeh
  • Lentils
  • Cauliflower
  • Beans (like chickpeas or black beans)

If you don’t want to cut meat entirely out of your life, then you could get to know your farmers. Go to the farmer and ask them how they prepare and treat their animals.

Ask about the following:

  • What do they eat? (Preferably grass or what they’re supposed to eat)
  • How do they deal with sickness? (Do they inject every animal beforehand with a mix of antibiotics or do they only use the medicines if an animal is at risk of dying?)
  • Are they allowed to walk freely in the fields or are they all put together and never get out? (This way you’ll know if they experience a lot of stress or not)


Now you know which healthy foods you were eating, weren’t as healthy as you thought.

What were you eating before that you’re now going to change?

What didn’t you know before you read this article that you now do know?

Let us know down below!

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