In this section, my bucket list will be listed. It's merely a list of all the experiences I want to have in my life.

You can use this as inspiration or as a way to get to know me.

If you can help with anything or think you can, you can always reach out to me!

If you have any other ideas, I'm open to any ideas you might have, so please do share.

I've divided it into different life areas to make it easier for you to read through.

As you will see, some of the experiences will be applicable to multiple life areas, but I'll put it in one area that I think describes it the most.

The most important goals are written in italic style.

Here it is!

- Being a Buddhist monk for at least a year to entirely focus on just contributing to this world
- Get an advanced DNA test and see where I come from and maybe have other relatives I don't know about
- Go to a psychiatrist
- Lock me up somewhere with only a pen and paper (+ food of course)
- Doing a 10-day meditation retreat at a vipassana center


- Stay awake for 7 consecutive days (with professional guidance of course)
- Doing a month-long water fast
- Being a full vegan


- To compete in a natural bodybuilding competition to push my limits
- To have a physique of 80 kgs with 7% body fat
- Having mastered Shaolin kung fu
- Go out 
surviving in nature for a week
- Participate in the event tough mudder
- Participate in the event IRONMAN


- Living and learning the language in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, China, Brazil, Japan, and Germany
- Take the "Creating a 7 figure network coaching program" course (not affiliated)

- Join the Online Business Mastery Accelerator of Stefan (not affiliated)
- Getting a life coach
- Being an NLP practitioner
- Learn how to hypnotize and be hypnotized


- Being married to my soulmate and having at least 1 child with her
- Start a book club
- Having my own mastermind with online entrepreneurs
- Having 10 like-minded friends with whom I speak on a weekly basis


Mission & Purpose
- Building a personal brand wherein, I pursue improvement of this world through sharing my knowledge
- Write at least 1 book and self-publish it
- Start a podcast and reach thousands of people through it
- Be a personal mentor to someone


Money & Business
- Speaking in front of 1,000 people
- Earn money with my composed instrumental guitar song
- Hire a certified financial planner
- Invest in high dividend stocks and earn passive income from it

- Make it big in real estate
- Invest in peer-to-peer lending
- Innovate a product
- Create an online course
- Start a subscription box service based business
- Become a millionaire
- Earn a million per year through passive income
- Become a public speaker and speak consistently for at least a year (at least once every month)
- Have a successful software business
- Have a successful airline company
- Becoming financially free


- Having three homes, 1 in Brazil, 1 in The Netherlands and 1 in America. Plus at least 1 summer home (in Bali)
- Competing in a video game competition as a pro gamer
- To climb the Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) mountain
- To be able to do a backflip, front flip and other basic tricks on a snowboard
- Learning how to sing/ rap and record an album
- Learning how to play the guitar and composing an instrumental song with it
- Learning how to play the piano and composing an instrumental song with it
- Learn how to fly a plane
- Fly in the most premium class
- Take the longest zip line in the world
- Owning an island
- Go skydiving
- Become a member of the hideaways club
- Make a rap (collaboration)
- Abseil down a waterfall
- Catch a big wave while surfing
- Jump off a cliff
- Navigate a personal underwater sub
- Have a ride in a hot air balloon
- Swim with dolphins
- Go scuba diving
- Bathe an elephant
- Climb a volcano
- Feed and hug a koala bear
- Hug a monkey
- See a coral reef
- Sleep in an igloo
- Swim with sea turtles
- Be in a commercial
- Be in a film
- Be on the cover of a magazine
- Go on a cruise
- Learn how to dance in hip-hop style
- Meet a world leader (like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah or Tony Robbins) and hang out with them
- Drive in a limousine (or sit in it while someone else drives)
- Own a private plane


- Doing a culinary road trip wherein I experience a lot of different cultures
- To have traveled to all destinations in my travel folder (at the bottom of this page)
- Go on a trip with strangers


- Doing the 'I love you challenge' by vybe source wherein I will tell random people I love them (and give them hugs). See the I love you challenge (not affiliated but love the concept)
- Change at least 1.000 lives forever
- Commit a week to random acts of kindness and dedicating my life to helping others
- Start my own charity organization on helping depressed/lost people
- Buy my parents a luxury camper so they can travel the world

Because I love traveling so much, I also have a folder filled with destinations I want to see.

Here you can find all the places I want to travel to in my lifetime.

- Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
- Venice, Italy
- Benagil Sea Cave: Algarve, Portugal
- Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
- Lavender Fields: Provence, France
- Oia: Santorini, Greece
- Moravian Fields, Czech Republic
- Keukenhof Park, The Netherlands
- Isle of Skye, Scotland
- Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales
- Kauai, Hawaii
- Bora Bora, French Polynesia
- Rice terrace fields of Longsheng, China
- Victoria Falls, Zambia/ Zimbabwe
- Amazon River, Brazil
- Rainbow Mountains of Zhangye Danxia, China
- Railay, Thailand
- Northern Lights, Iceland
- Antarctica
- Bison of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
- Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska
- Torres Del Paine Patagonia, Chile
- Svalbard, Norway
- Temples of Bagan, Burma (Myanmar)
- Petra, Jordan
- Machu Picchu, Peru
- Giza Pyramids, Egypt
- Ta Prohm, Cambodia
- Taj Mahal, India
- Cappadocia, Turkey
- Salar de Uyuni: Daniel Campos, Bolivia
- Mù Cang Chai, Vietnam
- Snaefellsjökull: Iceland
- Palawan Island: The Philippines
- Ashikaga Flower Park: Ashikaga, Japan
- Namib Desert, Namibia
- Milford Sound, New Zealand
- Kolukkumalai Tea Estate: Munnar, India
- Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Abu Dhabi, UAE
- Bryce Canyon: Bryce, Utah
- Okavango Delta, Botswana
- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Arashiyama: Kyoto, Japan
- Grand Prismatic Spring: Yellowstone national park, Wyoming
- Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
- Grand Canyon National Park: Arizona, USA
- The Arctic Circle
- Great Wall of China: Beijing, China
- Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley), Alaska
- Bromo Volcano: East Java, Indonesia
- Samarkand, Uzbekistan
- Galápagos Islands: Ecuador
- The Great Barrier Reef: Queensland, Australia
- Socotra, Yemen
- Slope Point: South Island, New Zealand
- Lake Louise: Alberta, Canada
- Valle de Cocora: Quindío, Colombia
- Pamukkale: Denizli, Turkey
- Wulingyuan Scenic Area: Zhangjiajie, China
- Angkor Wat: Siem Reap, Cambodia
- Redwood national park, California
- Halong Bay, Vietnam
- Painted Cliffs: Maria Island, Tasmania
- Jodhpur ("Blue City"): Rajasthan, India