About Seeking Me

Here, at Seeking Me, it's all about uncovering the hidden truth of ourselves through self-development and spreading love. Eventually, coming back to our true selves.

We believe by improving ourselves; we improve the world thus making it a better place for everyone to live in. We make this world a better place by sharing everything we can.

We all share one thing:

"We're all infinite beings having a human experience."

We all have different experiences as a human being, from good to bad ones. 

The goal of Seeking Me is to get back to our true selves, giving you the knowledge to excel in both the human and spiritual part of life.

About Marnix Buijs

Hi there,

My full name is Marnix Midas Buijs, and I'm 19 years old. I started my journey of self-development 2 years ago when I completely turned my life around.

Marnix Midas Buijs
This is me writing the first blog post.

I am a blogger, writer, online entrepreneur and freelance content writer/ marketer.

When I'm not doing one of the above, I play video games, contemplate, meditate, drive, work out, eat or sleep.

The biggest thing that's going on in my life right now is that I'll be moving to Bali in September (is the goal) this year.

My mission

My mission is to spread love, compassion, fun, and peace throughout the world, through sharing my knowledge, resources, and love with everyone I speak to. To inspire all people to work towards a world without violence, war, and aggression. A world of love, peace, and oneness.

To teach people how to live freely and do whatever they want, while practicing what I preach.

My Story

Below you'll find my story. I tried to keep it as short and relevant as possible, but it might be a bit longer than I wanted it to be.

Anyway, let's dive right in!

My Childhood

I remember someone ask me a question when I was 5 years old, he asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, my answer was: 'I want to be happy'.

Growing up, my parents thought of me as a ‘perfect’ kid. I ate everything they gave me, I listened very well, and I was at the top of my class in primary school.

Besides that, I was a quiet kid and you could either find me with friends or play video games.

Sometimes I skipped school to play video games, but that was the only thing I did ‘wrong’.

This all was until the age of 12. This was when I started to question my existence, I even started wondering if my parents were really my parents.

After that, I became a bit more rebellious. I started smoking cigarettes and weed. Going out with friends at night, sneaking out of my home.

From that moment on, I got deeper and deeper into criminal activities. I ripped other dealers, assaulted several people and committed burglary. The police never caught me.

A series of encounters with death happened that stopped me from doing more illegal stuff. A lot of people around me died. I think I lost 7 people around me in what felt like a year. The 2 deaths that had most impact were the deaths of my grandfather and one of my best friends (15 years old at that time).

My grandfather was a well-known professor at the University Medical Center Groningen.

He put English books in front of me about cells when I was 10 years old. I didn’t understand much of it, but it forced me to learn a little bit of English, and he knew I was an intelligent kid.

Out of all his grandchildren, he felt the most connected with me. Even though he saw me smoking, while he was against it, I feel like he always knew that I would end up in the right place.

The death of my friend was entirely out of nowhere. He had an epileptic attack which led to him falling into the water and drowning after soccer training. The story got published in a lot of newspapers, and a lot of people showed up at his funeral.

I was one of the six guys who was carrying his coffin to the grave. We let him descend while about a thousand people were watching.

It was a really tough time that brought me closer to some of my friends at that moment, but afterward, I smoked and drunk even more than before.

I was lost and did not know why I was still alive and my friend had to die.

The Awakening

Depression hit me, and I started to isolate myself from the world. After I graduated from high school - yes I still graduated - I took a gap year to figure things out.

The first month of my gap year I smoked weed on a daily basis. The second month I primarily played video games. The third month I quit both of them.

I started to think about me and the reason why I was alive. I isolated myself again, for 3 months I spent most of my days in my room.

I went through a lot of pain while going within myself. I questioned everything in life and came to find out that my life was worthless.

I experienced The Dark Night Of The Soul.

I would meditate every day for I don't know how many hours (didn't keep track of time). Reading a lot of articles on the internet and started reading my first book, 'The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People' (recommended).

My awareness grew, and I felt lighter than ever. It was like I was always high.

After 3 months of isolation passed, I got out of the house and just walked into nature. Everything seemed different, the leaves were greener and the sun shined brighter.

It felt like I was connected with all living things like they were a part of me and I was a part of them.

For a month or so I just did nothing, and I didn’t feel like I had to do anything, it felt great.

After that, I had to work because my mom wanted me to do something.

I dived deep into self-development and planned my life so that I could live this way forever.

Free like a bird.

While working in a job I overheard a conversation between a couple men once, one of them said: "We just have to do this for 17 more years and then we can enjoy our lives in retirement."

I was SHOCKED. These people were doing something they didn't like, and they were planning to do it for 17 more years (my life back then).

I made a promise to myself that day that I would NEVER get myself in such a situation. I also felt a responsibility to make sure that more people would receive this message. So that they can take responsibility for their lives as well.

I tried a lot of things, 12 different jobs in 1 year, going to college and gaining as much knowledge as I can on everything that interested me. This was a bit overwhelming, but I learned a lot.

My Journey

This started my journey to becoming the best version of myself and living the life of my dreams.

I dropped out of college because I knew it wouldn't bring me the life I want to live. I want to be able to decide what I do when I do it and with whom I do it in my life.

The best way to get there for me is by being my own boss and eventually create passive income so that I can focus on the things that really matter to me, like this blog.

Money for me is a tool you need in this world to be able to live in this society. Sometimes it feels like an obstacle, but everyone needs it.

While I'm learning, growing and going through my life journey. I want to help others to become the best versions of themselves and find their truth in life.

I'll try to do this through this blog by sharing what I'm doing and how I'm progressing. While also sharing my knowledge on improving every area of your life. Including health, spirituality, emotions, relationships and many more subjects.

I hope I can help you on your way to becoming the best version of yourself and uncover the hidden truths about your life.

If you have any more questions, feel free to shoot me an email at marnixbuijs@seekingme.net.