11 Weird But Fun First Dates

I found myself surfing the web yesterday, trying to find other than ‘normal’ first date ideas because I was asking out someone. Turns out, there are a lot of dull and tedious ways to have a first date, but I wanted something different, something most people will call weird.

If you’re searching for the same as me, you’ve come to the right place. Below, I listed 11 weird but fun things to do on your first date. Friendly reminder: these are weird things, not the daily or usual stuff.



Going To An Abandoned Place

This was actually the first thing that came up to me as soon as I started thinking about what we could do what ‘normal’ people wouldn’t do.

What about going to an abandoned building on your first date?

I mean going to a well-known place that is abandoned like a castle or hospital or something.

If you search for abandoned places on the internet you will find these amongst them:

  • Kolmanskop, Namibia
  • Abandoned Wooden Houses, Russia
  • Abandoned Military Hospital in Beelitz, Germany
  • Willard Asylum, Willard, New York
  • Six Flags Jazzland, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Chateau Miranda, Celles, Belgium
  • Dadipark, Dadizel, Belgium

Some of these places are illegal to go to (makes it even more exciting) and some are museums. So you can check them out for yourself if you live nearby or search for other abandoned places.

You could also go to random abandoned buildings in your local city if it has a lot of abandoned buildings.

You could go at night to make it scary or go during the day to make it more like an exploration trip. Either way, you’ll be probably the first one who’s going to take him/her on such date.


Driving Around And See Where You End Up

This is something I do for fun on a regular basis whenever I need to get my thoughts in check. Sometimes with friends, sometimes alone.

To do this on your first date can be really fun, you can make a game out of this. Choose directions in turns and see where you end up.

Decide to sleep in the car, where you end up or go home.

Whatever you do, this will be a fantastic experience because you’ve probably never seen the surroundings you’ll drive to.

On the way you can pick up food and whatever you need to keep it fun. You could do this at night for a couple hours, during the day until the night or even for a couple days, whatever floats your boat.


Asking Each Other THE QUESTIONS

This is something I really want to try out because it is backed by science. But what do I mean by ‘THE QUESTIONS’? Well, let me explain.

Scientists have figured out what questions people have to ask each other before looking each other deep into the eyes and fall in love. These questions are the questions I call ‘THE QUESTIONS’. These are simply 36 questions that take about 45 minutes to ask each other. Afterward, you’ll want to see each other again.

Here are ‘THE QUESTIONS’.Print them out and try it.


Travel Together

Yes, travel together right away on the first date. Book a vacation, go camping or whatever you want to do.

Travel together.

Travel is the ultimate make or break test for a lot of relationships. Try spending 16 hours straight with someone in a car and see where your relationship goes.

This can either go awesome or very bad, either way, you’ll have a remarkable memory.

There are also different companies who’ll arrange everything for you and reveal the destination when you’ve come to the airport. This may be easier as it doesn’t involve choosing where you’re going to.

Your date might not even say yes to this idea, but if they do, you’ll have a fantastic time.


Being Handcuffed To Each Other For 24 Hours

Choose a day you both don’t have REAL responsibilities like work or anything and handcuff each other both on the one hand.

Now, you’re gonna have to work together to get through the day, and you’ll be very close to each other the whole time. I saw people do this on youtube, and find it a perfect idea actually.

Just make sure you don’t have any too serious business going on before getting handcuffed. You could also establish rules for going to the bathroom but try 24 hours straight.


Going To The Cemetery At Night

This is a creepy one, but it can actually be heartwarming when you see all those families/couples buried together.

Maybe you even know someone who’s buried there, you can talk about it and thus break the ice. Or just go to a random cemetery if you want to avoid the emotions that may come with it.


Chubby Bunny Challenge

We all know this one, the chubby bunny challenge.

If you both like marshmallows and want to do a challenge right off the bat, this is your chance.

Doing the chubby bunny challenge involves a lot of stuffing and talking with a mouth full. This makes it fun to do, but it’s still a bit weird because you don’t know each other that well yet.

You can do this at home or somewhere outside, a picnic with marshmallows and the chubby bunny challenge.


Work Out Together

A healthy start for every relationship, working out together.

Work out together.


If you go and work out together, you’ll be able to have fun while being healthy. You can choose exercises by turns or just follow the other workout if someone is very serious about working out.

In the beginning, it might be a bit awkward, but at the end of the workout, you’ll be proud of each other.


Prank A Random Person Together

This is really fun to do but you have to watch your back, or you will get pranked too!

Pranking someone is always about making fun. Regarding the person you’re gonna prank, you can choose someone randomly off the streets or a friend/relative from one of you guys.

If you want to go for a big prank, it may be easier to do it on someone you know, but if you just want to go with a small joke, you could totally do it on someone you don’t know.

Here are a couple ideas for pranks:

  • Create an infinite loop of shopping carts around someone’s car.
  • Become a seat of a car and film people’s reactions.
  • Give someone’s car a new paint job with sticky notes.
  • Put plastic wrap under the toilet seat.
  • Tape a small package of pasta beneath a toilet seat: When someone sits down, the crunching sound will make them think they’ve cracked it.
  • Glue a quarter, five dollar bill, or credit card to the ground and enjoy the show.

Or make up your own, have fun!


Go To An Improv Class

Getting out of your comfort zone is easier when you’re both uncomfortable.

If you’ve never been to an improv class, this is the moment. Yes, it is uncomfortable, but no one will judge you because it’s an improv class, everyone is there to conquer their fear of public speaking and become better at it.

Search for a nearby association and ask if you can join them for 1 class, they usually let you do that. Conquer your fears together!


Do Things Of Each Other Bucket Lists

This is something I like very much because you both get to live your dream.

First of all, if you don’t have a bucket list, make one now! Believe me, you’ll feel better with a bucket list.

When you have your bucket list ready to go, ask your date if he/she has a bucket list. If not, tell them to make one or ask them about something they’ve always wanted to do.

You could choose to do one thing of both bucket lists or search for something you both always have wanted to do and select that. Something like skydiving will probably be on both bucket lists.

Either way, it’s gonna be a new experience for both of you, enjoy it!



By asking your date beforehand what he/she wants to do, you’re already working on the communication. This is really important in every relationship.

Doing something ‘weird’ but fun challenges each other to get out of the comfort zone and experience something you both probably never experienced.

Make sure you have fun because this will be a moment that you’ll remember forever!

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